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"Whether viewed through the lens of traditional or complementary medicines, science, technology, religion or shamanism, a life in balance is the
foundation for peace of mind, health and wellness."

Having devoted my life to the powers of healing, I have studied and practiced many different approaches. Common to all of these is the innate wisdom, healing abilities, and creative potential we all possess that are waiting to be recognized and enlivened.


As a yoga teacher, nurse, and energy medicine therapist, I have over three decades of experience helping people of all ages, and from all walks of life, re-claim their health and well-being. My work manifests as an up-building synthesis of healing modalities, including Ayurveda-The Science of Life, Yoga, Massage Therapies, Nutritional Healing, and Shamanic Practices. I specialize in the design, instruction, practical application, and maintenance of custom programs and practices that cultivate, enhance, and sustain life. 

Skilled in technique, seasoned by experience, and informed by a contemplative and perceptive nature, I help you identify and overcome obstacles to wellness, be they physical, emotional, mental or spiritual in nature. I support you through a process of wonder and re-discovery, a return to your natural state of expanded awareness and limitless possibility - a sustained and empowered state of balance, health and wellness. 

Outstanding teachers, depth of experience, and a commitment to living a life of awareness and response-ability have helped me to realize my own inner equilibrium that in turn makes it possible for me to effectively help you.

I hold certifications with the BKS Iyengar Institute of Boston, American Institute of Vedic Studies, Ann Wigmore Institute, Hauschka School of Rhythmical Massage, Institute of Therapeutic Arts, Blazing Star Herbal School and the Four Winds Society.  I am a long time student of Advaita Vedanta under the tutelage of Swami Dayananda Saraswati.


While my formal training and experience is vast, I consider my greatest life lessons have come from my unwavering dedication to living a conscious, Heart centered life.

“We walked in off the street-in from a crazy journey of closed doors and hostile, wary people
and there you were-in five minutes more reassuring than anyone we had seen in the
course of four years. I cannot emphasize enough how healing the very gradual and
sincere emanation of love from you has been.”  RT


Yoga . Ayurveda . Massage Therapies . Nutritional Healing . Shamanic Practices

Providing personalized support unparalled in the field of wellness for the recovery and maintenance of your health and well-being. Since 1988.

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Whole Health Consultations


Personal Wellness Programs

"Anyone who believes that anything can be suited to everyone is a great fool, medicine is practised

not on mankind in general, but on every individual in particular."  Henri de Mondeville


Whole health consultations are comprehensive assessments based in Ayurveda, the oldest system of healthcare, which views our wellness as being dependent upon living a life in balance. A truly green and sustainable form of medicine, this Science of Life teaches us that when it comes to healing, what you can do for yourself is more effective than what anyone else can do for you, an approach that is uplifting and empowering to the individual seeking relief. Everything you need to know is inside of you. I help you find your way back to that place of knowing.

A collaborative effort, sessions include a complete analysis where I help you to determine the root cause of your concern. Once the issue(s) and contributing factors such as season of life, daily rhythm, past and current stresses, etc., are clarified and understood, life balancing and healing practices are then recommended. This is a lot like being handed your own personal set of operating instructions, and as you can imagine, your operating instructions will be different from anyone else's. Herein lies the genius of whole health consultations, and what makes them so remarkably effective.

Your custom whole health program will include practices that are specifically tailored to your needs. Practices that effectively address any imbalances related to the body, the mind, and the heart, through various prescribed healing modalities including bodywork, nutritional healing, therapeutic yoga, meditation, life force enhancement, mantra, herbal, essential oil, gemstone, color and metal therapies. Along with your instructions, I provide ongoing support to help you to integrate the practices seamlessly into your life, re-establishing the foundation needed for a return to wellness.


Initial sessions are approximately two hours.  Subsequent follow up sessions are fifteen minutes to one hour in length, depending on need.

"I needed support that didn’t fit a traditional mold. I knew I needed someone who has done
the work and walks her talk – someone who has a depth and breadth of experience.
Alexandra is someone I am able to lean on, refer to, and learn from in mind, body
and spirit. Her knowledge is wide and her wisdom deep."  SA, Life Coach
"I have known Alexandra for over 30 years; both personally and professionally. I can tell you
that she is the most loving, spiritual, aware teacher you could ask for on your
journey to enlightenment. Give yourself the gift
of her offerings." JS, Healer


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